Lions Tigers and Bears recovery plans from recent storm damage

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – This year’s rain storms have taken a major toll on Lions Tigers & Bears (LTB). During the last storm our sanctuary sustained significant damage.

Muddy rivers of water were carved throughout the property. The barn, which houses the surgical suite and gift shop were flooded, and the downstairs office and volunteer area took on water as well.

All the habitat pools were overflowing and had to be drained and cleaned to remove the mud and debris.

The organization needs to undertake a huge clean up effort, which will include installing underground piping and culverts and regrading the property so the flooding doesn’t ever happen again. The project is estimated at over $150,000, according to Founder and Director, Bobbi Brink.

LTB is completely funded through private donations and are actively fundraising for this recovery effort!

To learn more and to donate visit their website at

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