Little Tommy, Jeff & Jer’s Christmas breaking and entering

Little Tommy and radio DJ's Jeff and Jer's Breaking and Entering Christmas is longtime San Diego tradition. Tommy has kept this Christmas giveaway going even though they are currently off the air.  This year KUSI will be there to catch all the touching moments.

How it works:

Little Tommy asked for letters about families that could use some help this holiday season. He received hundreds of emails. This years family is a single mom that just lost her husband weeks ago to cancer. She has a little girl in kindergarten and another daughter in the 7th grade. Her older son is 18-years-old and became the man of the house helping his mom. The mom had to learn to work and took a job at a laundry mat from 6am to 6pm.

Many of Tommy's friends and work partnerships from over the years help him break and enter to give a deserving family a happy holiday. Honda Mazda of Escondido, donates a car every year. Other donations include: furniture and food, clothes, toys, jewelry, and a tree and lights for the selected family's home.

Tommy and his Chula Vista Hoodlum friends break in (kinda) and fill the home and the curb with gifts while the family is out. When they return, well you can imagine the rest.

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