Liver transplant recipient gives back to American Liver Foundation

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – UBS financial adviser Tom Krumenacker was given a live saving gift by a living donor 15 years ago and now supports organizations such as the American Liver Foundation through setting up philanthropic donations and donor-advised funds for clients.

Krumenacker was diagnosed initially when he was just 10-years-old with a rare liver disease. The doctors didn’t think he would live to be 12, but the medications he was given helped him to survive and he did fairly well for a time.

By the time he was 34, he was in need of a transplant to survive, but he had O negative blood and that made it even harder to find a donor. His sister-in-law, Heather Walsh, stepped up to offer her help and donated the larger lobe of her liver to Tom at Scripps Green Hospital, almost 15 years ago.

Scott Suckow, an executive director with the American Liver Foundation, explained that livers regenerate which is why a donor can donate a part of themselves even while they are alive.

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