Living arrangement hearing scheduled for Alvin Quarles


County Supervisor Dianne Jacob Friday urged a judge to honor a request by the District Attorney’s Office to reconsider a decision to place a sexually violent predator known as the “Bolder-Than-Most” rapist back into the community, where he would continue treatment under a conditional release program.

Last October, San Diego Superior Court Judge David Gill ordered Alvin Quarles released to a home in Jacumba Hot Springs, but an agreement to rent that residence fell through. The judge ordered Liberty Healthcare Corp., which runs the conditional release program, to conduct a countywide search for a new place for Quarles to live.

Gill asked for and received an updated report from a doctor at Coalinga State Hospital regarding Quarles’ behavior and suitability for release into the community. That report remains under seal.

Jacob — who represents eastern San Diego County where many sexually violent predators have been placed over the years — urged the judge to reconsider his decision to release Quarles.

“This case is different,” the supervisor told the judge.

Jacob said Quarles did not finish his classes at Coalinga and officials deemed him unsafe for release.

“He is not safe to be released into the community,” Jacob told the judge.

Outside court, Jacob told reporters that Quarles will remain at Coalinga until Gill decides whether to reconsider his decision to release him.

“He (Quarles) is a really, really, bad guy,” the supervisor told reporters.

Deputy District Attorney Jessica Coto said a date will be selected next Friday for the judge to hear evidence on why he should reconsider his decision to set Quarles free.

Quarles, 56, was dubbed the “Bolder-Than-Most” rapist because he attacked his victims at knifepoint, sometimes forcing the women’s husbands or boyfriends to watch.

He pleaded guilty in 1989 to committing more than a dozen sexual assaults in the mid-to-late 1980s and was sentenced to 50 years in prison.

Prior to Quarles’ release from prison, the District Attorney’s Office filed a petition to have him civilly committed as a sexually violent predator.

In 2014, Quarles was committed to the Department of State Hospitals to undergo sex offender treatment. In September 2016, Quarles petitioned the court to be granted release through the Conditional Release Program for sex offenders.

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