Living With Your Anger

What is the best place to let out your anger these days?  Men's Health Magazine has released its list of America's angriest cities and San Diego is on the list.

 Researchers from the magazine used crime statistics, blood pressure information, the amount of time spent sitting in freeway traffic and the number of anger management specialists in each community and mixed it all together to develop a list that might anger some and make others mellow as kittens.  There is no doubt that the tough economy and world tensions have us all on edge, but it seems some people in some places handle it better than others. 

 On the list of 100 of America's angriest cities, San Diego is ranked 53.  We are right in the middle.  I guess that means half of us are angry, road raged demons ready to pick a fight and the other half are laid-back Californians who are ready to just “chill”. 

 The least angry city, according to this list, is Burlington, Vermont followed by Lincoln, Nebraska and Fargo, North Dakota.  Those are all very cold places in the winter so maybe there is no time for anger when you are just trying to stay warm.

 So, where are people the angriest?  The place where people are the most PO'd is the place that has been hit hard by unemployment and crime and public official scandal in recent years.  The angriest place in America is Detroit, Michigan.  Second on the list is Baltimore, followed by St. Petersburg, Florida and then Las Vegas.

 If you don't agree, slam your fist on the table and get it out of your system or you could just move to Detroit and you will fit right in.

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