Local concrete company applies to build border wall between US and Mexico

POWAY (KUSI) — A concrete company in Poway is hoping to hit the jackpot. Its goal is to score a lucrative contract to help build President Trump’s highly publicized border wall.

A lot has been said about the proposal to build a wall at the southern border of the U.S. and now, companies are lining up to bid on some of the work.

One of those companies is in Poway — Concrete Contractors Interstate.

Russ Baumgartner and his wife Jo hope their company is selected to do some of the work. Russ said his design is different than others because of how the walls are built. The concrete is cast on site, sometimes embellished and then tilted up to stand vertically.

Baumgartner employs a technique that uses all concrete for the connections, instead of relying on metal supporters or anchor bolts. He also uses concrete buttresses to provide added support, a technique he’s in the process of patenting.

When asked about security, Baumgartner said his design can easily accommodate the wiring the block outs necessary for more surveillance. The company expects to have some sort of response on its bid in the next month. The actual construction of the wall will go to much larger companies, but the Poway company is angling for a role as a design and engineering consultant. 

More than 100 companies have submitted ideas for consideration. 

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