Local Democrats target San Diego congressmen in effort to retake House of Representatives

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) — Two members of Congress from San Diego are on the top 10 list Democrats have targeted as vulnerable in the mid-term elections.

Darrell Issa and Duncan D. Hunter are part of the Democrats target to retake the House of Representatives.

Every Tuesday morning since President Trump was inaugurated, protesters have been in Issa’s district railing against the president’s policies and targeting Darrell Issa for not supporting their progressive agenda.

Protest organizer Ellen Montanari said we want a blue wave and their theme is flip the 49th district.

“Congress isn’t taking action, so if they’re not going to do it, we’re going to do it and we’re going to get some people in Congress who are willing to take action,” Montanari said.

President Trump has certainly taken action, just not the action they want. So they’re targeting Republicans and California is in their sights.

Issa narrowly won re-election by less than one percentage point two years ago. He has challengers and some have been out performing him in raising funds, althought he has a much larger war chest.

Donations to flip the 49th district are coming in from across the country. The most controversial one from Jane Fonda, the noted actress who went to Vietnam to speak out against the war.

Steve Lewandowski, a veteran, was part of the counter protesters.

“It really struck a cord when I found out that Hanoi Jane Fonda wanted to get involved in this campaign by giving a $100,000 contribution,” Lewandowski said. ” … if $100,000 of Jane Fonda’s money buys this, so be it. Her politics are pretty well known. She’s an American traitor and she can’t undo being an American traitor.”

That’s the way these Issa protests have been going since inauguration day. They have forced Issa to sort of distance himself from the president. He wavered before supporting the health care bill and voted against the tax bill. He knows he in a fight.

Duncan Hunter also has problems. He’s under investigation by the Justice Department for campaign violations. At least five candidates, including a Republican want to unseat him. But his district is ruby red, nobody is trying to push him out of office, so absent indictment or a big name Democrat, he’s likely to be reelected.

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