Local distillery switches from making vodka to making hand sanitizer

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – ‪  While many businesses have been forced to close their doors, other businesses have been able to re-invent themselves.‬ That’s what a distillery in Vista has done.

Misadventure and Co. is actually working even longer hours…hard at work pumping out thousands of bottles of hand sanitizer.

Company co-founder Whit Rigali says he saw the handwriting in the wall last month as the stock market began to fall amid fears of the pandemic.

Misadventure made the switch to sanitizers last month just days before Governor Newsom issued the stay at home order.

The final blow came when bars and restaurants that were the customers for the company’s vodka closed their doors. Since making the pivot, Rigali and his employees have produced 30 thousand bottles, sold online to individual consumers and also in bulk quantity to cities throughout San Diego County.

At first, the thought was to keep making vodka, but the growing demand for the hand sanitizer made it clear that the company should make a complete switch to pumping out sanitizer.‬

In addition to protecting public health, Misadventure and Co. decided to hire more staff. Half a dozen out of work bartenders and hospitality employees now have jobs here.‬

‪The company isn’t making much of a profit. The money it’s making goes to paying its employees and buying the raw materials to produce more sanitizer.‬
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