Local DJ hosts virtual prom for San Diego seniors

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – So many San Diegans prove that stay-at-home orders cannot dampen the spirit of celebrations usually enjoyed amidst large crowds, even a rite of passage like prom.

“I was thinking I wish we could do something for these proms we’re going to miss, we had 7-8 proms booked for this season,” said DJ J Soul of J Soul Productions. “I saw all these things happening online, and I just set up my living room and it manifested into this.”

DJ J Soul offered San Diego, and really all senior students across the nation, an opportunity to celebrate their prom—virtually.

“I know that this could never be a substitute for prom, nothing could be,” Soul said. “You go through 4 long years of high school and this is supposed to be your treat, your celebration and now you don’t have it.”

With 13 years of experience hosting proms in the San Diego region, one via Zoom is definitely unlike anything Soul has ever done before. He said after reaching out to a lot of the school’s he would normally be working with, he started to see a lot of interest.

“I just want to give them something to feel normal again and something just to smile about for at least two hours,” Soul said. “A lot of these kids are going off to college and they won’t see these people for a long time, they never got to put a period on their senior year.”

It’s something seniors are grappling with across the globe, and when word got out about San Diego’s virtual solution, students from as far as Louisiana asked if they could join.

All of the same rules applied for a virtual prom that would be in place for one hosted by school officials. Moderators were ensuring students abided by all of the correct safety precautions like no drugs or alcohol and no profanity. DJ J Soul hopes is pushing to make next weeks prom even bigger.

“I would like to get some businesses involved, if they want to offer some prizes, giveaways, because how cool is that?” Soul said. “San Diego is a big city but we can all come together for something like this, something to make it more special.”

If you’d be interested in donating or getting involved you can email: info@jsoulproductions.com or contact DJ J Soul through www.jsoulproductions.com / www.sdschooldj.com Instagram: @jsoulproductionssd / @sdschooldj

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