Local doctors, hospitals call for an indoor masking mandate in San Diego County

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Doctors local to San Diego are calling on the San Diego County Board of Supervisors to reinstate an indoor masking mandate in San Diego County regardless of vaccination status amid the delta variant surge.

Dr. Will Tseng, past president of the San Diego County Medical Society, joined KUSI’s Ginger Jeffries on Good Evening San Diego to discuss the delta variant and why local doctors are calling for indoor masking.

Dr. Will Tseng began the conversation by stating that the delta variant has a shorter reproductive cycle and as a result, can transmit much faster because of it.

Hospitalizations for COVID-19 have been happening across San Diego County, Dr. Tseng said.

Masking while the delta variant is widely dispersed will reduce the virus’s spread, he added.

We have clear evidence that masking helps, Dr. Tseng declared.

The virus is airborne, so wearing a mask can cut the transmission from 50 to 75%, he explained.

“But what happens with the vaccination, the people who are vaccinated, once they get it, their body goes into action,” Dr. Tseng began. “The vaccine takes over, builds up all this immunity, drives the virus down. Whereas if you’re unvaccinated, unfortunately, that rise in levels keeps going and they end up going to the hospital.”

We can only do this together, Dr. Tseng concluded.

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