Local leaders unveil plan to start reopening the San Diego economy

SAN DIEGO (CNS) – San Diego county and city leaders unveiled a plan today that will allow local businesses to safely reopen and operate once state public health restrictions are lifted.

The guidelines aimed at maintaining employee and customer safety were developed by the Responsible COVID-19 Economic Reopening Advisory Group — RECOVER — which consists of nearly 30 local business and civic leaders from various industries.

The group’s recommendations, in development since mid-April, focus on five areas — employee health, safe worksite entry, sanitation, workplace distancing and employee training.

The announcement followed Gov. Gavin Newsom’s outlining of a plan to ease California’s stay-at-home order later this week, allowing some “lower-risk” retail stores to reopen with restricted operations. Further details are expected to be released this week.

San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer said if public health orders are eased for San Diego County, the RECOVER group’s plan will allow local businesses to reopen responsibly.

“San Diego is ready to recover,” said Faulconer, who called the plan “a strategy that helps put San Diego back to work and helps businesses get a head start on their reopening plans.”

Further clarification on the county’s plan is expected at Tuesday’s San Diego County Board of Supervisors meeting, when the board is expected to vote on a Business Safety Framework to be adopted by all businesses once the state restrictions are lifted.

Businesses will need to demonstrate they can reopen and operate within state and county public health guidelines.

County Supervisor Greg Cox said the timing of the reopening is out of county leaders’ hands, but “what we can do is help make it easier for businesses to reopen safely and smartly and smoothly as soon as possible, if they have a set of guidelines to work from.”

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