Local leaders urge voters to support Prop 1, the Veterans and Affordable Housing Act

NORTH PARK (KUSI) – Affordable housing advocates, including local and state political leaders, gathered in North Park Tuesday morning. They say if the State’s affordable housing crisis to be addressed, it must include voter support for Proposition One in November.

Speaker after speaker, literally and figuratively:  California is in a humanitarian crisis brought on by the State’s lack of affordable housing. It’s not hyperbole they say.

Public health is an issue, as much as the fact that young adults can’t afford to live here and raise a family here.

Assembly Member Todd Gloria told KUSI, “just think about this time last year, we were in the grips of a hepatitis A outbreak. 20 people dead., That’s a health crisis brought on by an affordable housing crisis.”

Proposition 1, called the Veterans and Affordable Housing Act, is a $4Billion bond that would provide affordable housing to veterans, working families and people with disabilities, It’s estimated that one in three Californians can’t afford their rent, let along buy a house. Many are spending as much as 50 per cent of their incomes on housing.

Leaders say such a rally is necessary because there are so many issues on this year’s ballot.  They say they don’t want Prop One to get lost amid so many other issues.  It’s that important, they say.

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