Local legislators comment on YMCA and transgender inclusion law

SANTEE (KUSI) – Last week, a 17-year-old girl made national headlines after speaking out about an incident involving herself and a naked man using the Santee YMCA women’s locker room.

Rebecca Phillips shared her scary experience while speaking in front of the Santee City Council, as she noted that staff essentially ignored all of her concerns, since the other person identifies as a women. Phillips’ speech went viral, making national headlines, as not many victims speak out about uncomfortable situations like this one.

After her story gained national coverage, the YMCA in Santee closed early on Wednesday, Jan. 18, after the administrators were made aware of a protest(s) scheduled on the campus.

Local leaders began to speak on the bathroom incident shortly after the night of the protests. Rep. Darrell Issa of California’s 48th Congressional District joined KUSI’s Rafer Weigel to discuss his opinions on existing trans0rights laws. In his professional opinion, he suggested the law be clarified and rewritten to protect underage individuals from nude interactions with the opposite sex. He added that transitioned individuals deserve rights and protections too.

(Below) KUSI’s Rafer Weigel covered the protests at the YMCA on Jan. 18 where hundreds of people showed up to protest the YMCA’s response to the incident, and stand up for Rebecca.

A small group of counter-protesters set up nearby, as they hoped to convince the public that the transgender woman was actually the victim, not 17-year-old Rebecca. There was a short period of time of tense interaction, but the two groups were peaceful for the majority of the time.

Legal Analyst Dan Eaton examines YMCA’s clashing legal interests regarding the scandal and asked the question: what should the YMCA do moving forward, and what are their options legally.

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