San Diego microbusinesses face new challenges in 2022

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Small businesses have had to weather storm after storm the last two years. For Jessica Hainsworth, owner of Honest Thrift Studio & Garden Coffee, she had the unique challenge of launching a business in the height of the pandemic. Now two years after opening Garden Coffee, she is raising awareness of the importance of supporting local microbusinesses.

“A microbusiness is a fancy way of saying Mom and Pop,” Hainsworth said. “A small business has anywhere up to 500 employees, a microbusiness has nine or fewer. These microbusinesses are often only one location, and so they put all their eggs in one basket by choice because they want to make that one space the best it can possibly be.”

She said the greatest way to make sure these businesses remain a fabric of the community is to seek out and intentionally spend your money supporting locally owned stores.

“When you choose to spend your money there, you’re making a difference in your local community,” Hainsworth said. “You’re also not only making a difference for the business owner, but the employees who work there.”

She said rent is sometimes cheaper in the more odd locations that are off the beaten path, so it might take extra effort to locate those microbusinesses. Hainsworth encourages other small business owners to remember to adapt with the challenges, saying the best course of action is to have a business plan– but be okay if that plan changes.

“If you invest in your community, into the people who are choosing to return to your business, that has made the biggest difference,” Hainsworth said. “You can get coffee anywhere, you can go to a thrift shop anywhere, but that community is what we all crave. You create a community by continually connecting with people.”

Hainsworth urges people to support small businesses that bring a sense of connection and community to San Diego.  Honest Thrift Studio & Garden Coffee is located at 2609 Congress St., in Old Town. You can learn more on Instagram: @HonestThriftStudio and @GardenCoffee.SanDiego.


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