Local Republican candidates make last attempt to gain support

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) — Republicans Darrell Issa and Denise Gitsham were out on the campaign trail Monday, speaking to voters.

It’s the final stretch for these candidates.

Congressman Issa was speaking with constituents in his district as part of his, "It Takes Chutzpah" bus tour.

He made several stops in Encinitas, Carlsbad and Solana Beach and over the weekend, he was in Orange County.

Issa also stopped to have lunch with the owner of "The Potato Shack" in Encinitas to discuss regulations making it hard for small businesses to get ahead.

Congressman Issa earned 50.8 percent of the votes in the primary.

The race for the 49th Congressional District is considered highly competitive as Democrats have increased their numbers in that area. But Issa said he’s not surprised it’s a close race.

"If this is a district with only a slight Republican advantage and one that Mitt Romney just broke even on, you can understand why there would be a heated contest …" Issa said.

Meanwhile, Republican candidate for the 52nd Congressional District, Denise Gitsham, held a pre-election day party at her election headquarters.

She announced an endorsement from "Maggie’s List," a group that supports conservative women in federal public office.

Gitsham, a small business owner, said her opponent – incumbent Scott Peters – has not only made it hard for women, but also men to thrive in this economy.

Peters is favored to be reelected, but many are keeping a close eye on this race since his last two bids for the 52nd Congressional District were extremely close.

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