Lockdown issued at Scripps Ranch High School

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Scripps Ranch High School was put on lockdown Tuesday, while both San Diego and school police looked for two men who were believed to be armed.

The lockdown lasted for 90 minutes. 

It was possible that the man may have ran onto campus, so as a precaution, authorities checked each classroom one at a time.

One man was immediately detained and questioned.

San Diego Unified District officials said the intruders, at least one of whom appeared to possibly be carrying a 

gun, were reported at the Treena Street secondary school about 11 a.m

Aa.m.students were kept secure in the classrooms while authorities searched for the two men. The lockdown was lifted after both men were taken into custody. 

The names of the detainees were not  not immediately available. 

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