Loggerhead Sea Turtle’s Turtleversary Celebration at Birch Aquarium

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Birch Aquarium’s Turtleversary “shell-elebration” event on January 11-12 at Birch Aquarium will celebrate their rescued Loggerhead Sea Turtle’s 5th anniversary at the aquarium.

The sea turtle made international news in 2018 for her 3D printed shell prosthetic, which was the first of it’s kind.

Her inspirational story of rescue, rehabilitation, and overcoming her disability has inspired people around the world.

“Our collaborations with our colleagues have inspired students and researchers alike,” said said Jennifer Nero Moffatt, the aquarium’s senior director of animal care, science and conservation. “Sea turtles hold a special place in our hearts and need our protection; all 7 species in danger from numerous environmental impacts. Our guests are able to get close to our Loggerhead Sea Turtle and feel a sense of wonder for our ocean planet.”

Birch Aquarium’s female Loggerhead Sea Turtle was found injured and sick in a power plant outflow canal in New Jersey. After rescue, she was nursed back to health at South Carolina Aquarium and was deemed non-releasable as the medical teams believed she would not survive on her own. Birch Aquarium took in the sea turtle November, 2014, and was revealed to the public in January, 2015. Since then she has grown significantly and now weighs 215 pounds.

For more information or to purchase tickets, visit aquarium.ucsd.edu or call 858-534-FISH.

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