Los Angeles Police Department is testing a new non-lethal ‘Bolawrap’ device

LOS ANGELES (KUSI) – The Los Angeles Police Department is testing what they call a “non-lethal weapon.”

It’s called a Bolawrap, and it’s an alternative to tasers or bean bags. The Chief of Police demonstrated the weapon in front of reporters Tuesday.

The Bolawrap is fired at a suspect’s legs or torso, and wraps a kevlar rope quickly around the body, preventing someone from running away.

The LAPD is testing 200 of the devices at all of its police stations for the next four months.

Chief Michael Moore told reporters, “We see instances where individuals having a mental health crisis, armed with a knife or stick, are unsafe to approach.”

The LAPD says for now, the wraps will only be used on unarmed, standing suspect, not on people who are running or moving.


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