Lucky Duck Foundation’s Dan Shea: The criminal homeless need to be taken off the street

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – The Lucky Duck Foundation held a press conference Wednesday to announce its priorities for 2023 and to explain what it believes can and should be implemented by City and County elected officials to address the homelessness crisis throughout San Diego County.

Executive Director of The Lucky Duck Foundation, Drew Moser, and Executive Committee Member, Dan Shea, outlined the organization’s priorities for 2023, and what they want our elected officials to do to help.

For example, Dan Shea explained the number one thing he here’s from politicians is “our hands are tied.” Well, Shea suggested they figure out how to untie those hands, and do what is necessary to fix the record high homeless problem.

Drew Moser elaborated on the lack of action from our elected leaders, saying that “just because there is activity, doesn’t mean there is achievement.” Meaning, Mayor Todd Gloria claims to be doing all these different things to fix the crisis, but obviously, none of them are working.

Dan Shea joined KUSI’s Paul Rudy on Good Morning San Diego to further discuss their press conference, and response they have had from those in positions of power.

Full press conference below:

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