Magnitude 4.3 earthquake struck Carson, USGS reports

CARSON (KUSI) – A magnitude 4.3 earthquake struck in Carson at 7:58 p.m. tonight, the U.S. Geological Survey reported, but there were no immediate reports of significant damage or injuries.

There was no major infrastructure damage observed in Los Angeles by the Los Angeles County and Los Angeles fire departments. There have been no deaths or serious injuries that can be attributed to the earthquake, according to the LAFD.

The earthquake was reported felt from Ventura County to Orange County. The depth was 14 kilometers, about 8.5 miles.

The earthquake felt like a car hitting the building, a firefighter at a Carson station told KCAL9.

Seismologist Lucy Jones told KCAL9 it was “a pretty ordinary earthquake” and there is about a 5% chance there will be another earthquake in the next day near where Friday’s quake struck and a 95% chance there will not be a larger earthquake.

“This size happens on average somewhere in Southern California every couple of months,” Jones told KCAL9. “When it happens to be in the middle of the Los Angeles basin then a lot more people feel it and it becomes bigger news.”

The earthquake caused the Marathon Petroleum refinery in Carson to lose power, Jamal Kheiry, a spokesman for the company told the Los Angeles Times.

The refinery began conducting flaring to burn off excess gases which lit up the night sky and prompted concern among residents in Carson and beyond, The Times reported.

“Flares are safety devices and the flares are functioning as intended, Kheiry told The Times in an email. “There are no injuries or off-site impact.”

Los Angeles County firefighters were at first summoned to the refinery about 8:02 p.m., but refinery officials then called and canceled.

The earthquake’s preliminary magnitude was 4.4 and later downgraded.

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