Main Street Donuts and Deli reopens to put a spark back into its Downtown El Cajon


EL CAJON (KUSI) – It’s taken about a month for Main Street Donuts and Deli to reopen even though it is an essential business.

“It was like a ghost town down here. We’re willing to bring a spark get people out we want people to walk in the sun and feel good and do all the necessary things that we do,” said Joel Scalzitti, the Owner.

But now that it is open, residents are thrilled.

Scalzitti says he bought special equipment so that employees like Abby can be able to check customers out right from their cars when they pick up their orders.

“You call up your order. She can bring it right to your car, use your debit card right there, she’ll get you a receipt right there.  Things are changing so you have to go with the change you have to do everything to make people feel comfortable.“

The owner has also made changes inside to be able to control the crowd and social distance at the same time.

“This is what it’s about. It’s about a spark to downtown in El Cajon.  We want our restaurants to open up, get people to be active. It’s about everybody around us doing good and that what We’re aiming towards.”

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