Maintaining good mental health for teens during the holiday season

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Professional clinical counselor and executive director of E3 Civic High, Paul Smith and Dr. Helen Griffith says rates of depression and suicide spike during the holidays, especially for young people.

Here are some telltale signs according to Dr. Griffith that show the young people in your life may be suffering during the holidays and what we can do to support them:

Disengagement with Friends:
Maintain open lines of communication with your teens.
Know their friends but respect their boundaries.

Increased Irritability:
Be mindful of emotional regulation and support healthy coping

Significant change in eating habits:
Encourage healthy meals at regularly scheduled times

Erratic sleeping schedule:
Foster good sleep hygiene

Trouble maintaining focus or thinking:
Support positive breaks from overstimulation
Meditate – Breathe – Enjoy Nature

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