Make A Wish Foundation: Shelby’s Story

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – This time of year we all have a wish list, but for kids facing a serious illness, their wish is simple, to be out of the hospital enjoying life.

Shelby Arroyo woke up Friday morning thinking she was going to Macy’s for National Believe Day to support the Make A Wish Foundation, but she ended up with a surprise she will never forget.

On National Believe Day, Macy’s doubles its donations to the Make A Wish Foundation, $2 for every letter mailed to Santa. Shelby thought she was there to help out with the event.

Shelby is now healthy after a long battle with Leukemia and is finally getting the trip of a lifetime she hoped for.

Shelby did not just want to go to Italy, she wanted to go with her best friend, Kortney. Both will now get to back their bags together.

“She’s my best friend. I’ve known her forever,and we play softball together. She’s my ginger, I love her,” said Shelby.

Two friends inseparable on the field and off, did most everything together, and when Shelby got sick, Kortney was right there with her.

“I remember going to the hospital. Her mom was waiting, crying and told us. Obviously I started balling my eyes out. Shelby didn’t know she had cancer yet so I had to pull myself together. My dad and I went up and just talked to her,” said Kortney.

Shelby was able to get through the treatments, the chemotherapy and endless nights in the hospital.

It’s being able to look back form the now happy ending of a difficult journey that has Shelby’s father feeling blessed with his own wish.

“We did a lot of staying at the hospital. Relatives also helped which was really nice. The thing about is, the outcome is wonderful. It’s one of those things where we’re just blessed,” said Shelby’s father.

Shelby is now cancer free and has monthly check ups at the doctor.

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