Maker Faire San Diego 2018 at Balboa Park

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – The Maker Faire San Diego is going on this weekend at Plaza de Panama in Balboa Park. Elizabeth Alvarez was live to check it out.

The Maker Faire is a gathering of fascinating, curious people who enjoy learning and who love sharing what they can do. From engineers to artists to scientists to crafters, Maker Faire is a venue for these “makers” to show hobbies, experiments, projects.

Maker Faire San Diego is a hands-on festival of invention and creativity and a celebration of the Maker movement in our binational region. Balboa Park is host to this celebration of technology, arts, craftsmanship, science, and the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) culture. It’s for innovative, creative people who like to tinker and love to create, and also for those curious minds who want to see what new and innovative things are just around the corner and get hands-on.

Today, a “Maker” is an overarching term for independent inventors, DIYers, artisans, people who just like to create, innovate, and teach others how they can do it too. Makers range from high-tech robotics teams and geeky coders, to traditional artisans and intricate crafters, to home brewers and garage tinkers. The Maker Movement rose in response to shrinking practical arts and technical programs in schools, the prolific rise in accessible technology, and a disconnect between people and the products they use in everyday life. It’s about embracing curiosity and getting hands-on with practical arts and innovation. In truth, everyone is a maker – some just haven’t realized it yet.

Maker Faire San Diego is a partnership between the Balboa Park Cultural Partnership (BPCP) and the San Diego Makers Guild. Over 200 local and regional makers display their creations at Balboa Park – mostly inside participating museums. This multi-museum event showcases innovation, creativity, and hands-on learning for adults, teens, and kids in the San Diego region.

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