Mako Shark caught on camera jumping out of water near La Jolla Cove

LA JOLLA COVE (KUSI) – A Mako Shark was seen jumping out of the water multiple times at La Jolla Cove on Monday. 14-year-old Reagan Snyder (@_reagansnyder_ ) captured it all on video while fishing with her family.

Reagan’s mom, Leslie Snyder described how it happened saying, “We chartered the Sea Watch at Seaforth with Captain Chris. We were just North of Scripps Pier, when the Captain & Deckhands spotted a pretty large dorsal fin in the distance thinking it might be a Great White. We cruised up on it and of course it disappeared. They started tossing bait in the water to lure it out. When he showed back up the shark grabbed my daughter’s Bonita and tossed a line in… Hooked it and it was NOT happy. Snapped the line pretty quickly and the acrobatic show began, WOW!! They estimate it to be a 600 pound Mako, possibly more.”

Leslie sent KUSI some photo’s to go with her daughter’s incredible video.

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