Makua Rothman’s epic 100 foot wave ride at Jaws

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – A few days ago on Jan. 16th Makua Rothman may have rode the biggest wave in the history of surfing. A ride of a lifetime on the North Shore of Maui at the place best known as Jaws.

“A wave like this is a wave of a lifetime and coming down something like that is mind blowing,” said the legendary surfer on Good Morning San Diego

When asked if he knew the wave was estimated to be 100 feet he said, “I had no idea i was just out there doing my job.”

Rothman shared a message for the younger generation, “are defined by the trophies on the wall and the titles that we have or are we defined by when we get these opportunities and what we do with it, how we can inspire, inspiration can go on forever. Bob Marley said do possessions make you rich or life forever  hopefully what i do with these opportunities and the people I inspire by them them I hope they live forever.”

Makua is also a musician who said he music career was started in San Diego and called the city his home away from home.

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