Man arrested for a DUI after slamming into 8 cars in Clairemont

CLAIREMONT (KUSI) — The driver of a pickup truck slammed into eight parked cars early Thursday in Clairemont, including a vehicle owned by Republican Assembly candidate Maggie Campbell, according to authorities.

The crash took place about 5 a.m. along Cowley Way near Calle Neil, the San Diego Union-Tribune reported. Campbell told the paper her 2011 BMW was totaled in the crash.

Campbell, who finished second to Assemblyman Todd Gloria, D-San Diego, in Tuesday’s two-candidate primary in the 78th District, said her preoccupation with handling her wrecked car and renting another one disrupted her campaign plans for today, the paper reported.

It was reported the pickup driver remained at the scene and was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence after a field sobriety test. His name was not immediately available. A witness told reporters the driver said he was texting before the crash.

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