Ex-Navy SEAL who died in embassy attacks is from Encinitas

Friends and family Thursday mourned an ex-Navy SEAL from Encinitas who was among one of four Americans killed in an attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya.

Glen Doherty, 42, was killed Tuesday along with Ambassador Chris Stevens and two other Americans when an armed force attacked the consulate compound in Benghazi, according to the victim's friends. The Boston-born Doherty settled in Encinitas about four years ago after spending seven years as a SEAL.

Doherty's sister, Katie Quigley, told the Boston Herald that her brother was working for a private security firm contracted by the government to provide security at the consulate, and that he flew to Libya on Sept. 5. Friends said he also worked locally as a trainer at the CrossFIT/SEALFIT Gym in Encinitas.

The anti-American unrest that broke out this week in Libya, Egypt, Yemen and other Muslim countries is tied to a film that was made in Southern California and virtually unheard of until a segment of it appeared on YouTube.

“The Innocence of Muslims,” regarded by those who have seen it as extremely amateurish, mocks the Prophet Muhammad, depicting him as a homosexual who endorses extramarital sex and pedophilia.

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