Mar Vista 28, Hilltop 7

In Week 11 the Mar Vista Mariners beat the Hilltop Lancers in a game they hoped to make the playoffs with.

To kick off the game Hilltop tried to pull off the onside kick, which failed. The Mariners would waist no time in capitalizing on the mistake. QB Gabriel Munoz would be flushed out the pocket, shake off a tackler and fire a 30 yard pass to WR Nijel Collins. Khalil Spruill would take the ball from five yards out into the end zone, 7-0 Mar Vista.

In the second Mar Vista would get a big break when hilltops linebacker would be called for a pass interference. The Hilltop Defensive coordinator wouldn’t like the call, words would be exchanged and after 3 personal fouls the coach would be ejected setting up the Mariners on the 4. Two plays later who else but Khalil Spruill to run it in from 2 yards out, 14-0 Mar Vista. Just before our cameras leave the game Hilltop would drive the length of the field. With 5 seconds left on the 15 after a PI call, Hilltop would have a shot to the end zone, an incomplete pass would come from the play.

The Khalil would finish with 3 TDs on the night and QB Gabriel Munoz with 2, the Final 28-7 Mar Vista.

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