“March For Meals” Campaign in full swing

At 94 years old, Marcella Popp says she can't stand for too long, making it hard to cook; that's one reason she's been thankful to rely on the Meals-on-Wheels program for the last few years.

“I think almost 4 years since I came back from the hospital, ya know,” Popp said.
For Homer and Mary Craft, daily cooking just became too much.
“I'm pretty good with a peanut butter sandwich and things like that, but boy everything else,” Homer Craft replied laughingly.
So everyday the Meals-on-Wheels program provides these seniors with much needed help.
“You realize you have people who are all alone and people who can't take care of their own meals,” said Chula Vista Mayor Cheryl Cox. “And to involve volunteers who come to their home who bring not only the meal, but the companionship.”
And this was a special delivery day, as Cox and her husband, County Supervisor Greg Cox, hand-delivered meals, taking part in the annual Mayors For Meals Day.
“I think they have over about 1,200 clients right now that they're serving, over the course of the year I think it's about 3,000 people that they'll serve,” Supervisor Cox said. “They're able to do that through donations to help provide the food. Obviously, there is a tremendous amount of volunteers that go out to deliver these meals.”
It's an organization close to Mayor Cox's heart and says even her 92-year-old father delivers meals with a caregiver twice a week.
“I just ask anybody who has time and ability to drive to think about calling meals on wheels and offering their services as a driver,” said Mayor Cox, “it's very rewarding.”
So during this month-long campaign, Meals-on-Wheels is hoping to raise public awareness that to qualify for the program, you just need to be over 60 and show a need. Meals-on-Wheels of greater San Diego is still looking for more volunteers.
For more information, call 800-5-SENIOR or visit: http://www.meals-on-wheels.org/


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