Margena Carter explains how you can stay mentally fit during COVID-19 pandemic

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Many people are curious about how they can exercise their brain during the cornavirus quarantine. Millions of people have been inside their homes for the large majority of the day, and are looking for some sort of exercise to be productive.

Psychotherapist from Carter Care Therapeutic Services, Mergena Carter joined us on the phone during Good Morning San Diego to share a few exercises to help everyone stay mentally fit during this pandemic.

Carter explained how these quick and easy tips can help people of all ages manage their anxiety.

Go on a Coronavirus cleans: limit the amount information you consume.

Turn of your notifications and Tap into all things virtual…

Virtual Cooking class
Virtual Parties and concerts
Live Workouts

2: Listen to podcast and music that will improve your mood.

3: Do in-home workouts to decrease anxiety and manage feeling sluggish.

4: Draw in a sketch book or paint while listening to wave sounds

5: Go for a walk or a run do a little cardio to help release anxiety or tension.

And reassure yourself that washing my is the best way to keep myself safe.

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