Marijuana breathalyzer aims to detect pot impairment

San Diego (KUSI) – A California company has developed breathalyzer that could determine if a driver has THC in their system.

Hound Labs, in Oakland CA, developed the device. It can detect if a driver smoked pot within two hours of getting behind the wheel. The CEO of, Hound Labs, says its product will make roads safer and hold drivers accountable.

The company claims the device is hyper-sensitive, allowing it to pick up any THC potentially present on drivers’ breath. The machine detects THC’s presence in the breath, but it cannot calculate the amount of THC consumed.

The device also doubles as an alcohol breathalyzer, giving police an easy-to-use roadside for both intoxicants.

Right now, California does not have any set legal guidelines as to how much THC in the system makes you dangerous behind the wheel. The companies CEO hopes the Hound Breathalyzer could be used by law enforcement and commercial use by winter 2018.


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