Marine Corps Commandant addresses San Diego Military Advisory Council

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) — The West Coast’s huge military complex, centered in San Diego, requires a visit by the Commandant of the Marine Corps three to four-times a year.

But this visit by General Robert Neller included a rare address to civilians, with the caveat that the San Diego Military Advisory Council and its audience is made up largely of retired service people and defense contractors. General Neller opened his remarks by noting his talk comes on the day after we remembered 9-11, adding  that 62 per cent of his Corps is made up of people 25 or younger. In 2001, many of them were in kindergarten.

Then he added, “And if you joined the corps on 9-11 you’ve known nothing but war.  You go, you come back and get ready.  You go, you come back-  you go again, and thankfully we still have young men and women who raise their hands and still want to serve their nation.”

Later meeting with reporters, he talked about Afghanistan in more detail. “Every war has to end, the Afghan Government wants that, they offered a cease fire, some Taliban agreed and you saw the result. That’s significant, I know people may be tired of it, the Afghan people are tired, they’ve bee in war since the 80’s, but there’s an opportunity here, so let’s ask for everybody to be more patient and  play this out and see what happens.”

As for other issues, the General says the future is now as it relates cyber warfare and…space warfare.

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