Marine immortalized in Pendleton statue beaten in D.C.

WASHINGTON D.C. (KUSI) – A decorated Marine veteran says he was brutally attacked while eating at a fast food restaurant last Friday.

It happened at a McDonald’s in Washington D.C., where Christopher Marquez, an Iraq War veteran, told police a group of teens were taunting him and asked if he believed black lives mattered before they attacked him.

"I felt threatened and felt they were trying to intimidate me so i figured I’m just going to eat my food, keep to my food and hopefully they’ll just leave me alone and because I wasn’t responding back to them they were calling me racist," Marquez said recently in an interview with WJLA.

Marquez says it was after leaving the restaurant that he got attacked. Marquez is honored in a Camp Pendleton statue which depicts him and another marine aiding a wounded comrade. 

The teens believed to be responsible are still at large. 

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