Mark Dice details big tech’s conservative censorship efforts to influence 2020 election

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – After President Trump left Walter Reed Medical Center and returned to the White House, KUSI posted a graphic showing the survival rates of those who have become infected with COVID-19.

The survival rates are above 99% for people under 69 years of age.

After posting it, Facebook (Owns Instagram), censored it saying it is false information. But, the stats are from

Media Analyst and Author, Mark Dice, has been outspoken about big tech’s effort to censor conservative voices over the last few years, even being personally impacted by Google himself.

He wrote a book titled, “The Liberal Media Industrial Complex” that detailed the very ways big tech is censoring conservative voices and thoughts online with their algorithms and tricky “shadowbanning” techniques.

Dice has a new book that just came out on a similar topic, but relating to Hollywood. The book’s titled, “Hollywood Propaganda: How TV, Movies, and Music Shape Our Culture.”

Dice joined KUSI News to talk about why he says big tech is influencing the 2020 election by censoring conservative voices and told us all about his book on “Hollywood Propaganda.”

The KUSI News post that Facebook censored is below:

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