Mark Larson discusses state-mandated regional stay-at-home orders in California

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – New health restrictions are now in effect in San Diego County and the rest of Southern California, shutting down indoor service at restaurants among other closures, due to the increasing number of coronavirus hospitalizations.

A state-mandated “regional stay-at-home” order went into effect a week ago, triggered when intensive-care unit bed availability remained below 15%, according to the California Department of Public Health.

The number of hospitalizations also continued to rise, with 38 people hospitalized and four patients put in intensive care units. The COVID-19- related hospitalizations increased to 965 — 249 in ICUs. Since the pandemic began, 5,064 or 4.9% of cases have been hospitalized due to coronavirus, 1,098, or 1.1% have been sent to the ICU.

The county’s hospitals have 16% of their ICU beds available, down from 21% Thursday. The state now estimates the ICU bed availability in the 11- county Southern California region at 6.2%, down from 7.7% on Thursday.

Of the 4,627 people hospitalized in the county, 20% are due to COVID- 19, and 44% of ICU patients. This compares to 7.7% and 20%, respectively, one month ago.

The county has seen a 199% increase in COVID-19 related hospitalizations in the past 30 days and a 148% increase in ICU patients in the same time frame. The previous peak in hospitalizations, in mid-July, topped out around 400 patients.

KUSI Contributor and AM 760 Radio Host, Mark Larson, joined Good Morning San Diego to discuss the regional stay-at-home order.

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