Mark My Words: News Director Steve Cohen on why KUSI is dedicated to giving the people a voice

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – KUSI News Director Steve Cohen joined Mark Mathis on the Mark My Words podcast to discuss the style of KUSI broadcasts to San Diegans.

Cohen has worked in many markets, both big and small, and as dealt with politicians from his position as a news director through it all.

In 2022, it is common for politicians to avoid media outlets that will ask tough questions, and hold them accountable. Cohen explains that is the case here in San Diego, as people like Mayor Todd Gloria and Chair Nathan Fletcher refuse to appear on KUSI because we will ask questions that the people want to hear answers to.

Cohen explained how and why it is so rare to see media outlets giving the people a voice, instead of siding with the politicians who have all the power in the region. Nevertheless, KUSI News will continue to stand up for the people and hold our elected officials accountable for their policies.

Cohen and Mathis also discussed a variety of current events including the Second Amendment and turning parking spaces into bike lanes all over San Diego.

Mark My Words Podcast

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