Martin Luther King III discusses legacy of his father

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Martin Luther King Jr. Day is  Monday January 18th and to look at the meaning of that day his son, Martin Luther King III joined Good Morning San Diego.

The global human rights leader discussed his father’s legacy and how people idolizing MLK, “it’s almost like when you put it up a shelf and when the holiday comes we bring it out, it is an ornament you look up to it but the goal is not to idolize but to ebrass the ideals to create a more just and humane society.”

Martin Luther King III also said what talking about recent protests turning violent that “we need to commit to nonviolence as a tool — as my father said, our choice is nonviolence or nonexistence. Non-violence is something that we have to commit to every day. It requires thinking beyond ourselves. It requires thinking more expansively. And it requires acknowledging our interconnectedness.”

“The principles values my father espoused freedom justice equality for all humankind that is what i hope that we can learn to embrace, learn to engage, learn to disagree without being disagreeable. He taught us that because he didn’t agree with everything that happened but also understood how to disagree without being disagreeable and that doesnt mean to come and attack your government.”

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