Mater Dei Catholic High School criticized for suspending student for braided hairstyle

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – A high school in Chula Vista is under fire after a student was suspended for his hairstyle.

A black student at Mater Dei Catholic High School was suspended on Wednesday, Jan. 8 for his braided hairstyle. After refusing to cut it, he was suspended for insubordination.

After social media and community outcry, the president of the school John Rey met with the student’s family and allowed the student to return to school and keep his braids.

However, community activists including the NAACP San Diego are saying this is part of a broader issue concerning the higher rate of suspension of black students compared to all other racial groups.

In response, the Catholic Diocese of San Diego released this statement saying: “In this case, there was a major misunderstanding between the family and the school.  There is no suspension, there is no penalty on this student’s school record of any kind and there is no requirement that he reduce the length of his hair. We are happy the matter has been resolved to the satisfaction of all parties.”

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