Mayor endorses Tuck

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Mayor Kevin Faulconer and four school superintendents in the county endorsed Marshall Tuck to be California’s next superintendent of Public Instruction.

They are convinced that Marshall Tuck’s proven record of turning around low performing schools in Los Angeles can be replicated across the state.

Under his direction 17 struggling public schools increased graduation rates, improved school safety and attendance, and failing schools were turned around.

There are 2,300 pages of regulations the bureaucracy has imposed on local school districts, and that bureaucracy also controls the money.

“When the bureaucracy gets out of the way, and we get effective teachers, strong principals, engaged parents, you see real success, that’s what we did in L.A.,” said Tuck.

What he did was expand charter schools, and turned around low performing schools.

“We took over the lowest performing schools in Los Angeles, and our students had the highest improvement than any group of schools in the state of California,” said Tuck.

The power and money of labor unions, especially the teachers union, have forever weaved education into the fabric of politics.

And along the way, the state education bureaucracy has taken control of our schools.

Marshall Tuck says the result is California facing a crisis in education.

“As we all stand here today, there are 2.5 million children in public schools in the state of California that cannot read and write at grade level,” said Tuck.

It’s unusual these days for a Republican to endorse a Democrat, but Mayor Kevin Faulconer calls it bipartisan endorsement because education crosses party lines.

“Marshall Tuck has a proven track record of turning schools around. Marshall Tuck is an educator, and a leader, and his experience in Los Angeles show that he is a proven school reformer,” said the mayor.

Standing behind Tuck, and the mayor were four school superintendents, including County Superintendent Randy Ward.

“He will always put his special interest of students first, and that’s why we are endorsing Marshall Tuck,” said Ward.

One other issue that distinguishes Tuck from his opponent, incumbent, Tom Torlakson, is a judge who ruled that seniority layoffs, tenure in two years, and the near impossibility of removing a teacher, all union issues, violates the students’ right to quality education.

“My opponent, the current State Superintendent, whose supposed to be fighting every day for kids is actually fighting against kids, and appealed the lawsuit within 24 hours of that judge’s final ruling,” said Tuck.

Tuck came in a distant second in the primary, but has since pulled even with Torlakson one before the election.

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