Mayor Faulconer and Carl Demaio hold dueling news conferences over Measure C

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – With election day only 12 days away, things are getting a little tense. On Thursday, it was a dueling news conferences from the Mayor of San Diego and Congressional Candidate Carl DeMaio. Essentially, DeMaio crashed the Mayor’s party.

“Measure C gives a blank check to career politicians who have wasted our money and failed time and time again. The Unions are waiting at the trough for the back room deals, the fix is in,” said DeMaio.

DeMaio is talking about the effort to expand the convention center, and the so called “fix” would guarantee that the work would be done by Union only. But Mayor Kevin Faulconer says that’s not the case.

“There is no project labor agreement. This project will be open to bidding, There is nothing that says it’s union only,” said Faulconer.

The other two measures included in Measure C would dedicate money for homeless services and pave more roads around San Diego.

“This measure is needed. It expands the convention center, dedicates money for homeless and paves another 150 miles of roads every year,” said Faulconer.

Under the latest attempt to address these issues, Measure C would increase the hotel tax to pay for all of these things. It could bring in about $7 billion over 40 years.

“What we don’t need is politicians with another blank check. We currently have a hotel tax surplus in this city, a $65 million dollar surplus. If they wanted to expand the convention center, they could have done it years ago,” said DeMaio.

But one thing everyone seems to agree on: We don’t want Comic Con to leave San Diego for a different city with a bigger convention center.

“We’re here until 2024, after that we’ll see. We’ve been here for 50 years, started here, and there are a lot of different issues, it’s never one issue, but expanding the convention center would alleviate a lot of problems,” said David Glanzer of Comic Con.

Election day is March 3, and Measure C will require a two-thirds approval in order to win.

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