Mayor Faulconer announces Comic-Con to stay in San Diego until at least 2018

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – In a press conference Thursday morning, mayor Kevin Faulconer formally announced that Comic-Con, one of the city's biggest annual events, will remain in San Diego until at least 2018.

The announcement comes after much speculation as to the fate of Comic-Con, one of the biggest pop culture and comic conventions in the country, remaining in the city. Other cities, such as Las Vegas and Anaheim, had expressed interest in hosting the convention, as their venues had greater capacity to hold the ever-expanding number of attendees.

Efforts to expand the San Diego Convention Center, the longtime home of Comic-Con, had proven unsuccessful.

In addition, many downtown-area hotels were reluctant to lower their rates during the four days of the convention, and as such, negotiations to keep the convention in town took longer than expected.

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