Mayor Faulconer calls on Governor Newsom for local control of reopening businesses

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Standing shoulder to shoulder with the king of San Diego BBQ, Mayor Kevin Faulconer called on Gavin Newsom to back off and let San Diego control San Diego.

“We’re here today with the restaurants and business leaders to say we’re ready to reopen and do it safely. It’s time for the Governor to turn over control to the local jurisdictions. We have the plan in place and the systems in place as you’ll see inside Phil’s, and we’re ready to open safely,” San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer said.

Unlike a lot of restaurants, Phil’s BBQ has survived quite well selling “orders to go.”

“Between our two restaurants that we have open, we’ve sold 150-thousand ‘to-go-orders’ in the past two months,”Phil Pace, owner of Phil’s BBQ, said.

But when the doors do open again, a lot of changes will be noticed inside Phil’s place. The tables are now at least 6 feet apart and each table will have a “cleanliness card” ensuring it’s been disinfected.

When you walk in the door, markers on the floor make sure you’re not too close to another human for social distancing purposes.

It’s all been carefully crafted for the new world ahead and done so without some politician in Sacramento arbitrarily handing down orders.

“It’s time for local control,” Mayor Faulconer said.

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