Mayor Faulconer: Democratic politicians choking the very people that they claim to protect

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) — Mayor Faulconer delivered a speech before the Commonwealth Club of California Tuesday night that laid out a new vision for the Republican Party to return to statewide relevance by winning again.

While Faulconer has said he will not run for governor in 2018, but were he to run, this would be the speech he would deliver.

The speech was a call to action for the Republican Party, but the broader message was that one party rule in Sacramento has not benefited average Californians.

Troubled schools, sky-high housing costs, failing infrastructure and crippling pension debt. The mayor said all of this has happened on the Democrat’s watch and he laid the blame on the cozy relationship between Democrats and big labor leaving taxpayers with $175 billion in pension debt while the state writes checks it can’t cash, and taxpayers can’t afford.

"The toxic alliance between Democrats, union bosses and their lobbyists must be broken. We have three options: Keep raising taxes, cut services or reform," Mayor Faulconer said. "We can no longer accept a Sacramento where Democrats advocate for one interest group and Republicans advocate for another where politicians play on different teams in the same deceitful game."

Faulconer said to win elections again, Republicans can be, and must be, the party of change.

"I’m calling on my fellow Republicans to join together to reforge a California party that is focused first and foremost on fixing California," the mayor said.

But to do that, more Republicans need to get elected and that means widening the party’s tent, reaching out to Latinos, African Americans, and the under represented, a party tailored to the people, not special interest groups.

"What I’m proposing tonight is a party that never again hears, ‘I haven’t seen a Republican in this neighborhood before,’" Mayor Faulconer said.

That message won Faulconer two elections in San Diego, a heavily Democrat city. Forty percent of Latinos voted for him. He said that message has to spread statewide if the party is to start winning again.

"People have stopped seeing the GOP as the party of freedom. They see it as the party of ‘no,’" he said.

The message includes embracing climate change, legal immigration, infrastructure that we paid for but never got, and the need to treat our friends from Mexico, not as foreigners, but as neighbors and economic partners.

" … a party of people connected not just by who we are, but by what we believe," Mayor Faulconer said.

The mayor also said California can never be great until the Democrat empire in Sacramento is broken.

"Without an real challenges to their seats, Democratic politicians have developed a strangle hold on the state that is choking the very people that they claim to protect," he said.

Republican consultants, pollsters, and others helped to craft this speech, and party leaders got an advanced copy, which was generally received as positive and constructive. 

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