Mayor Faulconer meets with Chargers front-man behind closed doors

San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer and Chargers front-man Fred Maas — who led the Chargers’ unsuccessful campaign to get a downtown stadium, met Tuesday to touch base after the election.

The two made no public comment on the closed-door discussions, but the two sides are talking.

The team has previously said it sees no path to a stadium solution in San Diego without a tax hike, and the voters last week said there will be no tax money for a downtown stadium.

Disappointed by the vote, Dean Spanos said there will be no more stadium talk until after the football season. But the season isn’t over, and the “rest” Spanos called for was short lived.

The two sides got together again Tuesday. But for what purpose?

Could they be laying the groundwork for the team’s exit? No, according to Fred Maas, who indicated the meeting was about solutions.

An email from Maas said “We are open to all solutions but it is in no one’s interest do it in a public forum.” That would indicate the meeting might have explored possible alternative solutions, not merely just touching bases.

The signals the team is sending are mixed. On the one hand the Chargers have said any solution would have to involve a two-thirds tax. On the other hand, a simple majority tax may be under consideration.

The hotel tax, and the politics of the stadium issue were major factors in its defeat.

But we’re told the politics may be changing. After all, Mayor Kevin Faulconer supported the team’s ballot measure, and the Chargers see a broadening base of support among community institutions, including labor, and the Chamber of Commerce.

Were the mayor, and council to join the effort another vote could be possible, this time requiring a simple majority.

There had been discussions between the Chargers and the Mayor’s office on alternatives prior to launching the initiative last April but they were limited to the Mayor’s Mission Valley plan, which the Chargers dismissed as unworkable.

Perhaps the meeting was to talk about the Chargers’ Los Angeles option, in which they have to accept being a tenant under Rams ownership or reject it. That deadline is January 15th.

The Mayor’s office told us the meeting was to keep the lines of communications open while the Chargers review their options. The tone was positive and collaborative.

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