Mayor Faulconer terms out of office this year, but may not leave politics

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Mayor Kevin Faulconer will be termed out of office at the end of this year, but he will not be leaving politics. There’s talk that Faulconer may be setting the stage to run for governor of California.

George Skelton of the L.A. Times says Faulconer has a fighting chance for governor, and he’s probably the last, and best, hope for Republicans to regain the governor’s seat.

The Republicans haven’t won a statewide office, any statewide office, since 2006. The registration numbers tell the story: Nearly 9 million (44.1 percent) are registered as Democrats, while 4.8 million (23.6 percent) are registered as Republicans. And nearly 5.5 million (26.7 percent) are Independents. That brings Republicans in at third place.

Low registration numbers in California could pose a challenge for Faulconer. Furthermore, to run a statewide campaign takes a lot of money.

In addition to that, the Republican brand is beat up, there’s no doubt about it, but Faulconer has been the exception.

Anything could happen two years from now that could change the dynamic in Sacramento.

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