Mayor Faulconer to lobby Sacramento for water project

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – The City and County have been aggressively addressing the drought. The County has diversified our water resources, and the city is adding water to our local supply.

The more water districts can do to increase their water supply locally, the less residents will have to pay for imported water in the future.

One such project in San Diego, is the North City Water Reclamation Plant which purifies reclaimed water. It’s a pilot project to show state regulators that they can actually turn one million gallons of reclaimed water, per day, into drinking water. The goal is to produce one-third of our water needs locally by 2035.

This is why our mayor will lobby the governor tomorrow in Sacramento, to speed up funding and the permitting process. The mayor says it’s sustainable, environmentally friendly, and he’s going to be pushing as hard as he can to expedite the process.

They mayor will also lobby the state water board to recognize what San Diego has done to address the drought locally. In other words, San Diego shouldn’t be subjected to the governor;s mandatory 25 percent reduction in water use.

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