Mayor Faulconer weighs in on looming Government shutdown

Congress is facing a Friday Jan. 19 deadline to pass a spending bill, which helps determine the government’s budget and discretionary spending for the fiscal year. Last week, President Trump held a bipartisan meeting with members of Congress regarding the looming government shutdown. President Trump made it clear that funding for the wall must be part of any immigration deal Congress brings to his desk. He tweeted the following after the meeting:

Three days later, members of Congress brought him a bill that he quickly turned down. He responded to the proposal with these two tweets:

Since this proposal, President Trump has repeatedly tweeted his belief that the Democrats don’t really care about the “Dreamers.” You can see the tweets on his twitter feed here.

The Democrats don’t want to give President Trump funding for his promised border wall but want to save the DACA deal. On the other hand, Republicans say the Democrats are putting people who are here illegally at a bigger priority than our national security. In the bipartisan meeting, President Trump said he would, “take the heat” on a deal that saved the “Dreamers” if he got funding for the wall.

Thursday morning, San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer weighed in on the possible government shutdown with posts to his Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. Thursday morning, Mayor Faulconer posted the following:

The deadline to come up with a deal is just a day away, we will continue to update as more information comes to the newsroom.



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