Mayor Faulconer’s reelection campaign

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) — On Thursday, Mayor Kevin Faulconer will begin airing television ads for his reelection campaign.

His popularity and job approve rating is in the 60 percent rage, so he had every expectation of being re-elected outright in the June primary.

But that changed two months ago. He may now be forced into a runoff election in November.

In January, the mayor had only one viable challenger, Lori Saldana, who left the Democratic party to run as an independent. But in March, Lifeguard Union Leader, Ed Harris, jumped into the race. Together, the two may get enough votes to deny the mayor an outright victory in the primary.

The mayor will continue the theme that brought victory in a special election in March of 2014, "One San Diego," bringing everybody together.

It happened, and the constant battle between pro-Republican business and pro-labor Democrats that led to financial disaster has given way to accommodations and the first budget in 15 years was passed unanimously by the city council.

"The city’s back on track we’re putting dollars back into infrastructure, doing more street paving that we ever have, expanding library and rec center hours, I’ve make a conscious focus that we’re going to get back in the services of neighborhoods, and I’m proud of it, its working and we’re doing it throughout the city," Mayor Faulconer said.

The latest poll in UT San Diego shows he’s listening to the voters whose number one concern is roads.

While the road repair budget is larger than every many voters still feel we could be doing more.

This could bode well for the "ReBuild San Diego" measure on the June ballot.

The mayor’s first campaign ad has him speaking Spanish. He’s targeting the Hispanic vote. The ad airs on Telemundo and Univision.

The ad says, in part, "We Don’t all speak the same language, but we all share the same aspirations. Every one of us deserves the opportunity to succeed. My job is to make this possible for all families."

That ad will be followed by a big money buy for ads in six local television stations and the ground campaign is already underway.

"We’ll be out this weekend again putting out yard signs, knocking on doors it continues to be a grassroots campaign. as I said I’m proud of the tone I’ve set with the city, its not about partisanship, republican or democrat its about doing the right thing and moving the city forward," Faulconer said.

The mayor has two opponents. Lori Saldana who entered the race in January. She got fed up with party politics, left the Democratic party and became an independent but she remains a progressive with concerns about inequality, minimum age and affordable housing.

Democrat Ed Harris, who was an interim council member for six months last year, cast the deciding vote to override the mayor’s veto of the minimum age increase.

These candidates have little chance to be mayor, but they could force the mayor into a runoff in November.

It’s difficult for any challenger to match the fundraising and organization of an incumbent mayor, especially one whose popular and has a high job approval rating.

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