Mayor introduces rebate program water saving residents

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer said four years of unrelenting drought are moving the city into uncharted territory when it comes to water use.

On Wednesday he announced the implementation of several water saving measures.

“Last week’s unprecedented executive order by Governor Brown will require San Diegans to come together and cut water use like never before,” said the mayor.

Faulconer also said the city will look at ways of reducing potable water use at parks and irrigation of landscaped roadway medians, and re-institute a rebate program for people who replace their lawn with drought-tolerant plants.

The mayor said San Diegans have reduced water use by double-digit amounts since 2007.

Council President Sherri Lightner said city officials should explore building a desalination plant in San Diego, like ones under construction in Carlsbad and Camp Pendleton.

$200,000 have been set aside for a rebate program for residents who replace their lawn with drought-tolerant plants.

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